About the Story

This story is for those who struggle to receive Love......

The author brings to you a story of a Twin Flame connection Like no other.  From the beginning of the awakening, to the deep dive into removing the limitations of the past (recovery), to the creating space for the greatness of her future.  Through countless Lovers and Twin Souls she meets herself and falls in love with how amazing the power to create is.

During her travels deep into her own psyche, 
through her experiences in her own life,
she weaves a story of the grandest love this world has yet to see.  

In days gone by Avatars have achieved what she is jettisoning past.  Great Stories were written about these heroic Lovers.  Osiris and Isis, Zeus and Hera, Jesus and Mary Magdalene.     Taking the advice of the Cosmic Twins that have come before her she sets out to establish something greater then this Universe has ever been able to understand or experience before.

Twin Flame Connection of the New Age:  The Age of Aquarius.

Chapters can be found in the looping links, buried at the base of the blog posts.  Follow The white rabbit She will lead you where you need to go (if you have the courage to flow). Keep Coming back often to be a part of the constantly evolving story. 

Yours Truly,
The Observer


It all began with..... Merlin, Her immediate gift bought from the pain of choosing to walk away from her suffering :   

The Awakening

The Story continued to deepen her with the unconditional Love and full acceptance Of  Mr. Beautiful Crazy:  


 A few lovers along the way step up to try to gain her love, allowing the awakening to take hold within her she reveled in their Passion...

Hello Goodbye, Cycles the Lover


Along any journey into love there is a level of healing and acceptance of self that must occur in order to receive the grandest and truest of Love.  Shadows must be acknowledged as they dance in the background of the light.

  Healing Always starts with the Mother.


As within So without.  In enters the Goddess 

Begin to Explore the Goddess's that went Before us....


Evolving the Power to create her deepest desires and take things to a new uncharted level of love and intimacy this world has yet to experience.  

Become part of her story, keep reading, this is where the work ends and the magic begins! 


Follow the white Rabbit on any loop you wish to explore Today.  come back tomorrow to explore another loop.  Keep up with the ever evolving story by coming back often and becoming part of the movement!!   

We are Currently Here....


Welcome to the Journey...... Hope you enjoy the experience.
Sent on with much love and Hope for your own grand Love Story to develop as you awaken within the pages....


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