Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Is there 'The One'?

Do you choose who you fall in love with?

Is there a moment,  an instance that there is no return from?   That love at first sight?

Or are there just experiences upon experiences to bring into alignment with yourself?

Does everyone contribute to the same reality or are we individualistic in our natures?

Is the concept of The One lost to us?   Do you still believe in the One?

When I look back on all my interactions with partners each one brings me clo9ser to the truth.   The truth of myself and the truth of what I am looking for and thus the truth of what is looking for me.

I can see more clearly with each partnership that there is always a key element missing.   With one its passion, with another its connection, yet with another its compatibility.   I have yet to find someone who embodies all of what I desire.

What happens when I find him?   Will it be easy or will it be even harder because he is 'The One"?

I have been reading up lots about Intimacy and romance and all things to help me better understand myself within this last fling I had with Leo the Lion.   My emotional reactions were nothing I had experienced before, my loss of control over and over again had me going back for more like a love sick puppy okay with the abuse.   Why is that?

I easily walk away from people and situations that serve no greater purpose for my life... I know this through years of self-examination and experience.  So why then can I still not stop thinking about a new approach with this guy?  A new way to get his attention and keep it?

Why am I okay with him dating another girl, knowing that I love him.... and truly I do.  I don't know how to explain it.   It's not a deep love of knowing someone but it is a love that makes me want to be near him, to get to know him and to accept all parts of him even the douche bag parts.   I am not critical of him.... why is that?   I am critical of everyone!!

I let him go.   I really have.  And I am moving forward with my life and my business, putting attention where it desperately needs to be.  But I have not forgotten about him nor do I want to...   Just a much-needed rest for both of us I guess.

I think I am starting to believe in the One.......

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