Sunday, May 14, 2017

Day Two of the Today I noticed challenge...

10 days of writing every day to increase the flow of creativity and to put the wheels in motion to a new level of consciousness and vibration in my world.

It is Mothers day today.  I really detest these days that my society has deemed important to force us people that are too self-centered to practice loving our mothers every day.   Don't you find it hard to force your emotions on these holidays that may or may not fit with how your feeling that day?  

I get taking days to notice all that your mother does for you, but the pressure and the money grab that happen around a day that becomes specifically set aside for love and attention makes it fake and forced.   would you not agree that there is a line of truth to what I am saying?

As a mother of three and a daughter, I would much prefer to show my mom random acts of love throughout the year then pay extra dollars buying flowers and a card to meet the standards of what the neighbour kids just bought their moms so mine doesn't feel my love is second rate or something.

My children know I hate these holidays and they go out of their way on other less expensive and conspicuous days to love me in a way that fits for them.  

We have become a society of micro managed people and we don't even realise it.   We are told what to think, when to eat, how to breathe and when to love and even what to love.  

Do you not want your own voice, your own thoughts?   would you not love to love when you feel it right to do so?

I know it would be an easier life for me if I just caved and gave into the flow of all around me and just learned to love when I was told to and be happy all the time because its the better option and to be grateful in every moment because it makes everything around me seem less annoying, but in truth I didn't work my ass off in my life to get in tune with my feelings just to have to subdue them because I now no longer fit with my society.

I was born to be a mover and a shaker.   I am the person that rubs everyone wrong and creates a friction.  I am that person that will point our your flaws so that you can feel better about yourself after you have become more authentic because of the changes brought about from my temporary annoyance.   I am lonely because I am a mover and shaker, anyone that can stay close to me is someone who can handle the constant change I bring into their lives.

Which is not many people.   I am not popular for my teachings and will probably not be fully realised until well after I am gone from this physical plane.  But I will keep expressing my views and keep doing the work that feels good within me to release.   I will stay sad that I am misunderstood and stay isolated from popular opinion because in those unpopular feelings I find a weird sort of strength and comfort.  To be happy is to comfort and no matter how hard I try to fit into your box, I just cannot do it.  So I accept who I am and still go forth and live in this world with my own kind of secret happiness that i can share with no one.

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