Friday, April 14, 2017

Prayer & Abundance

With every memory,
I give it to White Buffalo with prayer. 

Gratitude fills my heart
At the opportunity 
to have experienced something new.


I let it go.
Over and over
I let it go.

My heart cracks
with each Good-Bye.

My heart floods with love
with each Buffalo Prayer

I send him love.
I wish him the best.

I let him go
and Over

Peace washes over me 
blocking the thoughts of his moving on

I let him go
I give him, to White Buffalo

With each pulse
My heart swells and my heart caves

                                      I am sure in time
the letting go will cease.

Life will return to black and white
My hearts normality
matching the masses

But for now...

I enjoy the letting go.
I will savour the last moments
in this time
in this space.

with every memory,
I give it to white Buffalo.

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