Thursday, April 13, 2017

Check Point

What vibration are you in right now?

Angry, nervous, sorrow, depressed.    A lower vibration where no one can meet you at and if they can, it should be questioned where they are at and is that really what you want?

This is my question today.

I am in a lower negative fear vibration as of late.  Too many negative life hits and I could not regain my composure.  I spun.  

The toy Top is finally coming to a wobbly stop.

I am moving back into the love vibration as my heart slowly opens again and my mind takes a back seat.  No longer needing to protect me by whisking me off into my fantasy world.

My cards tell me its time for some counselling.  I say maybe, but more maybe not.  

Increase vibrations everyday through trying something new daily.  Reaching out of my comfort Zone.  Building on to my goals in a daily routine.   Staying connected to people but spending as much time alone as possible.

I know who I am and what I need.   i know what I want and I am willing to learn how to get it.

Do the Work and the rewards will become available to you.

Switching up Vibrations.  

Moving on up.........

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