Wednesday, April 12, 2017


How is it that when he lets go,   I can feel it?

Another rose up so quickly and took the power from him.

I could feel it.

Did I let go first when I told him it was done and
I stuck to my boundaries?

Have I finally won this pattern?

Oh ya, I won this.

 I won my self respect back.

I won My confidence back, slowly.

Was he bad for me?
No I don't think so.

Too much light creates big scary shadows is all.

Protection was fatal
in his energetic embrace.

Most powerful Man I have felt.

Very intoxicating. So intoxicating.  Too intoxicating.
Lost my balance.  Landed on my back.

He wasnt there to catch me.
Did he really want me?

Maybe this next one will be able to hold on to me when I fall

It hurts landing alone.

Did I really fall or just want the pain?
Am I over the Past?

I couldn't see beyond the light.


I am under new protection now.

I felt it slide over me during the full moon last night.

I woke up clear this morning.  First in almost a year.

I feel ready.   I am letting go.

Every female always has the spiritual protection of a man, it can be no other way

We don't need to know this, but I can feel it.

Consciousness connects and new comes in.

My consciousness shifted last night.

I feel a calm wash over me today.

Like everything is finally gonna be alright.

The Leo has changed faces.

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