Monday, November 21, 2016

Understanding my Power

There is so much happening within the blog and within the loops of my reality.  I dont even know where to fit this post in among the Twin flame Drama that is playing out in my reality.

Do you ever notice that when you pull out of a relationship that is when you can see it the clearest.  Thats when the revelations come smacking down on your head.  Either bringing with them a painful headache or a light headedness that makes you almost giddy with relief?  

I am in both minds.  

I am sickened to know I stayed in a friendship not standing in my truth and allowing my generous love to be compromised and dirtied because my friend was unable to stand in his own truth of what the relationship was too him.   He needed to practice and play with the idea of what I was offering at the expense of my sanity and that is never okay.  But what is worse is that I could not stand stronger in my truth that just because I thought he was a great guy I was not over the top attracted to him.

And within that paradigm I also played with that idea that I could fall in love with out instant attraction leading the way.   I believe my paradigm play actually proved me right and I did fall deeply in love with him.  But as I fell favorably into my idea he fell the opposite direction..... I think.   I can no longer speak words for him.

How is it that we go through these incredibly weird scenarios to learn how we are within ourselves?

Being in relationship with others is truly as they say, a mirror to show us the truth behind the masks we wear.  If we are lucky enough to find a friend that is willing to get close enough to us to bring out the demons that live in the closest of our hearts to eradicate them, then you have a great friend indeed.

I had a great friend in Mr. Beautiful Crazy.  But thats all he was... a friend.

Do I still believe in Twin Flame Union?  

I have asked this a couple of times over the past few months within this blog and my answer is still yes.   I believe we are moving into a new reality where love is concerned and the idea that energy makes up people and situations lead to the understanding that the energy you seek can be embodied by several different people and experiences along the way.   Mr.  was an intense version of Merlin and my next romantic encounter will be even more intense then Mr.  

I really believe my mind is moving away from that One perfect lover or soul mate and it is moving into a more free flowing place of.... what my soul needs to evolve is what will be delivered to me.  The old paradigms are no longer working for me.  I can see into the astral realm more and it is not as magical as it once was and is becoming a second reality to the one you are experiencing here.  And even in that reality there is pain and limitations.

That is where I am going now.   Moving my awareness to the bigger picture of this world and my space within it.  Accepting the experiences I call forth for the things I wish to evolve within myself.   And a new passion for discovering the astral realm once I get my feet planted firmly in this realm.

 If you dont dream you are disconnected from self.   finding what that disconnection is and removing it from your life is the first step to moving with me into this new realm of living!  

In two worlds.  In two minds.

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