Sunday, November 20, 2016

The Prophecies


The next seven years of her life were lived from a place of Merlins Prophecies.

Within the six months they were friends they never consummated there love for each other.  He was her first real male friend and she loved him above all others because of it.  His words became gold between her ears and her thoughts began to formulate with that being the base equation for every one of her experiences relating to men and healing.

It was a great seven year ride!

In her blissful time with her celestial beloved there were probably hundreds and hundreds of things he said to her that stuck in her mind like a popcorn colonel sticks in your teeth.  Annoying remembrances of suggestions placed in your brain like spider babies just waiting to be birthed.   Merlin was a master of this with his degree in psychology.

He warned her once that her emotional ups and downs were going to be too much for her children to handle.  And true to his words her son did end up deciding to move back with his father after she got all her children back.  Except her oldest one whom choose to live on her own after the split up of their little family.  He said this before she had even imagined getting her kids back.  This was the beginning of his suggestions creating a life she didn't even know she was about to create for herself.

As the friendship began its downward spiral the reason the Dragon hurt him so began to seep into his words of wisdom.  Admitting to himself slowly that she was not going to choose him for her awakening after all.  That she was going to choose to suffer a bit longer in her pain over standing up for herself and making a choice for her soul instead of the acceptable choice of staying with a good man in a proper relationship.  He knew in his heart that she was not yet ready for him or any love.

He was right, She could not receive with a heart so shattered by her own hand.   It might take her decades to open to love again.

She would be ready when The Dragon Showed up within her life.

In a fit of anger which became pretty normal between them in the last few weeks Merlin screamed two things in her direction to manifest when the timing was right.  The first one was.."I can see you now in the back of a white pick up truck."   Malice dripping off his voice as he said this one from a tone of disgust and pity.   And shortly after much calmer but still frustrated with her choice of path, "One day Kitty, I will have to come rescue you from your own actions."

Both of these comments made in reference to Her promiscuous behaviors.  Those actions that get her out of her head into her body at the expense of her dignity and self love.   Shortly after Merlin was deported from her country just days after these prophecies insulted her she did indeed find herself in the back of a pick up truck with a shady sort of guy and all she could think about was where she had gone wrong with Merlin.  Why did she choose the dragon?

Years later she would find out why and it would be then that she would put the last prophecy to rest.

 He was not her Knight in shining armor.  He never was.  He might have been the awakening but he was not the beginning, middle and end of it.  He was just one part.  She would learn that it was her that could change her story and that no man or otherwise had that much power over her.

However it took seven years and many attempts at that last prophecy to bring him back to her.......

Follow the White Rabbit to....


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