Sunday, November 20, 2016

Merlins Magical Six Months


Life continued on in a haze of magical words and feelings over the next six months for Her and the man of her dreams.  Like being rescued from a life of monotony and mundane chores everything was new and exciting.

Every moment she had between fighting to keep her job going and moving away from her family was spent in the mystical energy of this angel sent to earth to usher her into an new energy, into a new era of her life.  She was fully absorbed by him.   And Thank God too because she would have never survived this time without him.

She learned how connected he was too his own spirit through his bible studies each day and his wise words of prophecy that seemed to manifest instantly within her life.  His power to create was second to none she had ever met before.  She had read all the mystical books about positivity and our own ability to create our realities through our thoughts and feelings.  She had been a practitioner of the Goddess for several years now, she was not an idle student in this art.   But he surely trumped her in the area of manifesting our desires into reality.

She was mystified by All of him.   His past and what he has done to overcome it. Losing a mother at such a young age and growing up in one of the roughest Ghetto's in the world.   His knowledge and the work he has put into himself and his travels around the world and the energy he has acquired from that.  All of it lit her life up in a way no other soul has been able to up until then.  He brought to her a new understanding.

That understanding was beyond what she had envisioned for her life up till now.  He opened up the possibilities that she too could overcome her upbringing and become something so much greater then the limitations placed on her at birth.  She drank in All his knowledge and quickly connected into his incredible energy for life.

It was a beautiful six months, among the pain of her separation from her husband and children and the process of losing her career.

The pain she was experiencing was so overwhelming it threatened to take her out of this world.  She questioned daily how she could have made a decision that felt so right and continued to feel right but hurt so damn much she could barely believe what is going on some days.  Her whole reality was crumbling to the ground and she cannot collect the pieces fast enough to put it back together, and truly she didn't want to.

Merlin offered her comfort in a time of need.  He showed her a way that was much better for her soul, for her own evolution.  He awoke in her something so much deeper then she had ever had the ability to do so herself.  She liked where he took her.  She would follow him for as long as the journey allowed her too.

In her appreciation she bought him a gift.    The magical energy he was gifting to her so that she could awaken, was due some sort of return from her.  She knew exactly where to go for the gift, a magical store within the worlds known largest mall on the planet.    She found what she was looking for quickly, but now the choice of style had her camped out on the floor in front of the glass case for hours, annoying the poor sales lady that just wanted her to make a choice already..

The glass cabinet held a variety of switch blades.  Everything from efficient and outdoorsy to magical and ornamental.   Hundreds of little knives called to her, several of them would have loved Merlins energy.  But which one of these little bad boys would Merlin Love.  That was the question that kept her bound to her spot for hours.   The choice seemed so important, she wanted him to know how much she loved him.

She was not a gift giver.  She hated the attachment people had to material objects.  buying this meant a great deal to her spirit as it knew this was something out of the ordinary for her.  She wanted to get the blade that held the most power for Her beloved, to somehow return the power he had given to her.

After the torment of narrowing it down to just two blades she finally choose the Dragon emblem over the spider on a hand crafted 9" Pearl Micheal Corleone Blade.  She was very pleased with her purchase and was beside herself with excitement to show her love.  Little did she know of the choice she had really made.

Rushing to his house on the other side of the city in her custom limited addition Sonata was an obstacle course of vehicles and blocked intersections.  Why when one is wanting to be somewhere quickly does it take so long to get there??  Finally arriving at her destination she entered into his booby trapped house.

He sure loved the art of war and protection.  Always full of traps for the unsuspecting intruder and for the girlfriend walking in and jumping claws to the roof because of a new tripwire placed just before the door entrance, a good laugh.

Settling him down after a fit of giggles she proudly gave him her deceleration of love.

"What is this?"  He asked with a bit of an acquiring smirk on his face. " Is this for me?"

Yes she answered with the encouragement to go ahead and open it.   She waited with baited breath and her heart in her throat of his acceptance of her wisely chosen gift.  As he unwrapped each layer in a seductive fashion of intrigue and anticipation,   he did nothing ordinary every movement he made was fraught with deliberate emotion and attendance in the moment.  She was fascinated by his process.

As the last layer of paper was removed, the recognition over what she gave him began to sink in.  His eyes wide with gratitude began to ever so slightly darken as a very large tear erupted from his left eyelid.     "Why did you choose the Dragon?"   He asked in a constricted voice.

She sat stunned.  How could he know She even had to choose.  How could he know that She sat for hours between the Spider and the Dragon?  Why was she feeling such pain off him, like she some how choose wrongly.  What was going on?  She didn't understand what was happening.   Should she have chosen the spider?  What did this mean to the spirit of prophecy standing before her.

"Merlin, how could you know I sat so long in choice?"

"I just know my Love, I just know"  he said so sadly she could barely stand it.  Her choice hurt him this she now knew.  She couldn't know why yet, but she surely knew this was the end for them. She could feel it in every fiber of her being she was the one directing to plot of her life and this was a statement of intent.  She was about to switch tracks.

 So short lived the affair was but the prophecies that were to come next kept him alive for her over the next seven years.

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