Thursday, March 17, 2016

The Sacrifice of Choice

What happens when the 'Choice'  becomes the sacrifice?

In every adventure or uplevelling in ones life there is something that needs to be let go of.  This is a concept we can all agree upon fairly effortlessly these days.  If you want to work you have to give up the benefits of not working in light of the benefits of working.... a pretty common sense, right? I have had to give up the lover in pursuit of something more sustainable with Mr. Right.  Again makes sense, right?

But what happens when you give over the wheel in your brand new Jeep Wrangler to Spirit?  What can you expect when you let something so much greater then the body and mind your embodying take control of your life?

I am always amazed when I let go entirely of the outcome of my life.  When I stop making goals and plans and when I stop stressing about where my next source of joy will be coming from.   When I give the wheel over to my higher power, my God who resides with in me as Me, miraculous things happen ............. and well sometimes some very sad things develop as well.   

Thats the case with this writing.

One never knows how the story is going to develop when your not the one dictating it, but just observing it.   I write here from that perspective.  I understand fully my power to create.  I do much of that creating through these writings.  Half of what I write occurs before the shift in my life and the other half I am racing here at the speed of light to record the latest development that I sooo did not see coming and am in turmoil about.

The latter is how I come to you today...

In turmoil over the sacrifice.

This blog is about my Twin flame.  In complete truth, my dearest readers and followers which I want to send out a huge thank you too,   ... the readership of this blog has exploded in the past month and it is due to the concept of Twin Flames.  The blog is my love story with Merlin.  My writings are letters to him.  

In the process of coming to him.  I have had the very wonderful pleasure of partnering up with my Twin Soul.  I will post another day the difference in my life between a twin soul and a twin flame but for today its the partner that comes to help groom you for your Twin Flame.   My twin soul has been pivotal in raising my vibrations up to a place I needed to be in order to create what needed to be brought into my reality before I could even think about partnering with my Flame.

The whole focus of this blog and therefor my life in the past month has been romantic and cosmic divine unconditional love.  I know through experience that when our focus is intense on a certain area of our lives two things happen.... on the unhealthy path the rest of our lives suffer, on the healthy path the rest of our lives have a chance to speed up without our notice and therefor nervousness.

Again the latter is the case with me today.  My business life just took a turn for the miraculous.  I wasn't even creating or putting focus into this area of my life.  It came and sought me out.  It knocked at MY door!   

What was once nothing more then a job to pay the bills, has just launched itself into an opportunity for me to not only establish myself as a very successful business owner but has afforded me the opportunity to travel the world after my daughter heads off to college.  Two birds have been taken out with this one stone that I didn't even know I was holding in my hand.

This is how my life works when I am humble and will go where my gut tells me too.  This is the rewards of doing the work on my limitations and keeping my side of the street clean.  This is how someone creates when they are connected to their own heart center.  I feel blessed and entirely humble.  

There is no arrogance in my personality right now, just a strong desire to share this glory with others so that they too can feel what I am feeling....

And let that flip happen now.

With great joy comes great sorrow.  I still live in the age of the Pisces fish where duality and Bi-polar is still a functioning paradigm in our collective conscious.  One day we will be able to feel just the great glory without the sorrow, but for today I am experiencing a shift in My Twin soul that brings me sadness.

My dear friend is caught in the messes of his past.  His hard drive, his will to create a business for himself  but being unable to achieve it because of his arrogance and lack of understanding of 'the work',   has manifested itself through me.  His dream was my unrealized dream.

I asked the question a couple of posts ago.  can you be a part of creating his dream without losing your own?   I thought my answer was a sound Yes, but apparently it was not.

It turns out his dream being my Twin soul was my dream all along.  I was just too afraid to step into it.  I see all the places spirit has opened the door and I walked right past.  I am entirely surrounded by people in this industry!  However, I seen myself as a healer because of what I have been through in life I have missed the opportunity every time.  In truth now I see that this career choice keeps me grounded into the earth and healthy.   And...because of what I have been through it will keep me sane.

The sacrifice I spoke of at the beginning of this is that of my Twin soul.   You are not meant to marry up with your Twin soul.  Your meant to meet and learn from each other but then you need to take what you learned and move on.  That is the sadness for which I am experiencing today.  

The Twin soul chapter is closing and I must turn the page.   Sometimes the page has so much emotion that one just wants to sit and get lost in the feelings.  Sometimes one can get stuck in anger at the author for removing the knight in shining armor that we had fallen in love with.  But if we dont turn the page we will never know what happens in the rest of the story.  We are only half way through.   So we turn the page anyways.

Follow the White Rabbit....


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