Tuesday, March 8, 2016

The Rebirth

It Is Time, she whispers softly in my ear.

My beloved you must wake now, Bolder She speaks.

I feel her warmth all around me, inside of me, coaxing me to come back to this world, coaxing me out of my dreams.  

I am resistant.  I like my world of illusion.  I like my world in between.  I can be with Him in that world.  He holds me tightly and loves me deeply in the world in between the worlds.  He meets me and restores me in that world.  I can feel and taste his touches in that world.   I don't want to leave him.  Not yet.   I am not ready to leave the cloud it all began on.  I am not ready to come back to the world She is calling me back too.

She is so soft and open.  So warm and inviting.  Her womb embraces me, cradles me close to her heart.  I hear the beating and feel the vibrations within me.  A steady thumping.  Rhythmic in motion as she rouses me from my slumber.

It is time, my child.

I really don't want to go into the light.  I am not ready yet.  I need more time with Him.  It wasn't enough time.  I don't want to lose the connection this time.  I don't want to forget.

She gives me a little nudge from my resting place.  My eye's flutter open.  Burning from the days of darkness as I recovered from the Wolf bites, curled up under the protection of Her tree.

She stands before me, light of brilliance so bright.

She loves and nurtures me, with her whole being.

I feel a love I have not noticed before.  It is new within me.  Everything is new within me.  I look down and my robes are a brilliant red and I am wearing the jewels of  a Queen.  My scent is of expensive perfume.  I look up at her in wonder...

All things are made new within me.  She transmits this thought to me through her glorious eye's.

As I stand, she reaches down to pull me up into her.  Holding my shoulders she speaks words of incantation into me....

Your body is now a Temple.  Your Temple will house My Soul.  

Please my beloved child,

Nourish me with foods that strengthen my temple

Nourish me with joyful thoughts so that my temple will Sing

Nourish me with the love of others so that I might know my dreams in this world

Bring forth protection so that I may create from my vulnerability

Stay in Truth and Honesty so that my love is not compromised

Keep humble in your selfless work, give to keep receiving

Please my beloved child,

My soul cannot stay in a temple that is in abuse

But know that in times abuse can not be avoided

in those times of sickness, I will not be far from you

watching you with a loving heart, holding space 

within the rhythmic beats, waiting to come back home to you.

Now child come, enter into me and then... go forth and Create.

Her hands guided me as I stepped into this brilliant light that was now fully consuming me.  I was filled with a love so deep my knee's gave out and I began to float.

Into the heavens I entered, as my body began to stir in my bed.   A deep sigh escaped my lips, as I took an inhale of the stagnant air of my tiny bedroom, in my tiny apartment, in my cold northern city.

  My heart dropped into my stomach as I realized I had fucking lived.  Dammit!   Such a deep sadness crept over me until I looked up unto my alter and there She was.  Looking down upon me with her golden light...  There she was in my sadness.  There she was in my room.  There she was warming my heart.......

Mary Magdalene.   There she was.... Entering into me.

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