Thursday, March 31, 2016

His Respectful Dwelling Within Me

In the game of life
sometimes you swim
sometimes you float
sometimes you need determination
sometimes allowing for grace
Holding on at moments
letting go at others

There is no set formula
Only the God/dess within
Will know the proper course of action
Stop listening to the Archons
for they throw mud in your eye
and steer you into mainstream traffic

Let go and let the God within you
lead the way.  Take what feels right
and leave the rest of the advice 
to those who wish to suffer.

No longer are you one of those
on the wide road my love
You already are God
Know this and you shall never suffer again.

To focus in on what I truly desire
It is time to go after what I Truly want
I AM ready.


Follow the Rabbit

More of Him.....


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